In 1010, King Lý Thái Tổ decided to make Thăng Long (now Hà Nội) the new capital of Vietnam. The birth of the new capital made the city and the surrounding areas the political and economic center of the country. For that reason it attracts craftsmen from all corners of the country.

About 600 years ago, a group of potters from Bồ Bát village, Ninh Bình Province migrated to Bạch Thổ Phường (meaning white clay area, now Bát Tràng). Given the high concentration of many skillful craftsmen, Bat Trang quickly became well known and were the royalty products of choice. Regular customers include Prince, Princess and high ranking officials in the government. During the 15th and 16th century, Bat Trang's pottery products were often selected by the Vietnamese Emperors to be part of the tribute sent to the Ming Dynasty (China). Currently, many of Bat Trang pottery artifacts are showcased at the National Museum of Vietnam History.

In modern day, Bat Trang is the household name when it comes to pottery products known for its quality and the artistic value. It is one of the must-visit tourist destinations when you go to Hanoi, Vietnam.

My family ancestor, Mr. Lê Phúc Thái was one of the early potters who migrated to Bat Trang 600 years ago. He is considered the founder of the Bat Trang's Lê Family. I am Mr. Lê Phúc Thái's 23rd generation descendant. Most of his descendants were potters and some pursued different career paths. But my immediate family branch has been making ceramics for 5 generations continuously.

Born and raised in Bat Trang, at Minh Le Studio, we are proud to be the next generation to continue the ceramic-making tradition of the family and to introduce the art of the village to the world. We believe smoking is a culture. We view the smoking accessories as the pieces of art that you can use socially.

Products will be shipped from our Los Angeles, USA location.